Map of Pennsylvania with counties identified that have received scholarship funds.

History of The Children's Scholarship Fund


The Children’s Scholarship Fund of Pennsylvania is a non-profit organization established in 1998 as a scholarship organization to provide financial aid to needy students that wished to attend private elementary & secondary schools in the Clarion County area. Since then we have helped families in 27 counties, which include some of Pennsylvania’s most rural counties.

In 2001 our charter was amended to conform to the Pennsylvania guidelines of Act 4 of 2001, passed by former Gov. Ridge.  CSF of PA was the first scholarship organization to apply and be approved by the state of Pennsylvania, as an eligible scholarship fund to accept contributions from businesses under the Educational Improvement Tax Credit program.

In 2004 The Children’s Scholarship Fund of PA was approved to receive funds from qualifying businesses under Act 48 of 2003 which provides funding for qualified Pre-Kindergarten programs in the state of Pennsylvania. 

In 2012 The Children’s Scholarship Fund of PA was approved as a qualifying scholarship organization under the Opportunity Scholarship Tax credit (OSTC) program  Al Lander & Milissa Bauer are the Founders & Co-Chairpersons of The Children’s Scholarship Fund of Pennsylvania. Together they volunteer their time in hopes of giving families of need a choice in educating their children.

In 22 years of operation The Children's Scholarship Fund of Pennsylvania has grown to include private and faith-based schools throughout Pennsylvania. Since its inception over 90% of EITC contributions were awarded to qualifying students and CSF of PA will continue to award at least 80% of the contributions received to families of financial need. 

The Children’s Scholarship Fund of Pennsylvania has been successfully bringing businesses and schools together with one common goal: to provide families of need the opportunity of having a choice in educating their children. 

”By educating our children today we are educating tomorrow’s work force.”

-Al Lander, Co-Chairperson of CSF of PA.

“All families should have the right to choose an education for their children regardless of their income.”

-Milissa Bauer, Co-Chairperson of CSF of PA